Press maintenance

Whether your press needs a quick tune-up or once over to check all parts for wear and tear, I can walk you through the process and talk about proper routine maintenance to keep your press running smoothly. If you just purchased a press and need a hand restoring it back to its former glory, I have experience tackling all sorts of rust/grime/frozen parts on all sorts of presses, and can troubleshoot through any problem areas to ensure there aren’t problems down the road. I specialize in Vandercook and Miehle Cylinder presses, but also have experience on Chandler and Price, Damon and Peets, and Golding platen presses.


Equiptment or Press Moving

Need help figuring out the best way to move that new press or paper cutter on your budget. I can work with you to move the equipment as safely as possible on your budget. I have experience moving everything from small platen press and Miehle Verticals, all the way up to entire shops.

Press Repair

Maybe you just purchased a new press, but come to find out that there’s a few broken parts that the seller didn’t tell you about, as the press was their grandfather’s and they didn’t know about the broken piece. Perhaps the press has a missing piece, or something broke in moving, or on the first use. Whatever the situation, I can help troubleshoot and find the exact problem, find a replacement part, make a replacement, or work with a machinist to make any part I can’t to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


Equipment Repair

Similar to press repair, I can help you find and replace any broken parts on your paper cutter, trim saw, type cabinet and drawers, and any other sort of composing and press room equipment.